Our Approach

As a new integrated company and entity structure operating in the area of mobility and motor sport we have established a talented team and contemporary governance structure that allows us to remain agile and facilitate our strategic objectives in an evolutionary manner.

We appreciate the needs of our territory and the initial challenges associated with building in-country capability and capacity and therefore plan to establish and maintain trusted alliances with existing ASN’s, Automobile Associations and accredited Regional Training Providers (RTP’s) to assist us on our journey.

Our Objectives

The objectives of the integrated organisational structures are to:

To promote, encourage and develop mobility to support the Vietnamese community through proactive programs and services, including road safety, vehicle maintenance and design standards.
To promote, encourage and develop affordable; safe; ethnic, gender and culturally diverse; and environmentally sensitive motoring and motor sport throughout Vietnam.
To administer and/or govern motor sports throughout Vietnam in its capacity as the delegated National Sporting Authority (ASN) for four and two wheeled motor sports and, where applicable, in accordance with the sporting powers bestowed upon it by international governing bodies.
To support the economic growth, employment opportunities, tourism and safer cities objectives across Vietnam.
To organise, sanction or participate in motor sport events in Vietnam or elsewhere.
To foster and develop talent, including elite and high-performance athlete programs, that results in individuals or teams representing Vietnam in international motor sport events.
To support its members, officials, affiliated clubs and associations through coordinated and structured programs and initiatives.
To raise, utilise and maintain funds for the promotion, development, management and control of mobility and motor sports in general.
To purchase, lease or acquire lands, buildings and venues in Vietnam for use by the Company to achieve its objectives.
Generally, to do all things necessary to promote the objectives of the Company and international governing bodies whether or not specifically provided for.